Hoppy Easter from Wartick Photography

I love Easter! It means new beginnings, spring, lilies, bonnets and dresses, suspenders and bow ties, bunnies, baskets, and most importantly, remembering how Christ sacrificed so we can live. 

As a child every Easter, my mom would make sure my two sisters and I were all dressed in our Sunday best on Easter. The night before our mom would braid all our hair so that when we woke up Sunday morning we would have lots of pretty golden waves. That morning, our parents would tell us that the Easter bunny came and we needed to find what he left us around the house. So for the next five to ten minutes...pure craziness occurred as we went on a treasure hunt to find our Easter treasures. It was the one time of the year we could jump all over the furniture so we could see if the Easter bunny left anything behind the couch.

After seeing what the Easter bunny brought, that always included a Russell Stover's Easter Bunny, we had to get dressed in our beautiful dresses and black patent leather shoes for the sunrise Easter service at our small town Lutheran church. Easter service was always beautiful because it included a sanctuary adorned with loads of lilies, bright purple banners and streams of sunlight flowing through the large church windows. It was hard sitting through the service because all that us kids could think about was the awesome church Easter hunt that was happening right afterward!

I hope your Easter time is special no matter what you believe. 

McKynzi rocking the bunny look in her newborn model session!

McKynzi rocking the bunny look in her newborn model session!