Excited for the Fireworks

We always get so excited for the fireworks each year. Up until last year we had watched them from a far in Dubuque or went to Bellevue to watch their amazing display. Now, we go down to this amazing airshow and huge display right on the Mississippi River. We tried it for the first time last year since I've lived here (10 years now) and it was so much fun. We are lucky to also hang out with friends, family, grill and do all those fun things you think about when it comes to 4th of July!

Max, our dog is below. He doesn't get to do the the fireworks as we don't think he would like the load booms, but he still shows off his patriotic spirit. Also, below are a few of the pictures are from last year and were taken with my cell phone. I was too big of a chicken to carry all my camera gear down last year as I didn't know what to expect, but this year I will.