Creating art is my true passion. It fuels my soul.

I get up excited every day to work with new and expecting parents to share their story about their new miracle. I get the honor of watching first time moms feel the kick of their unborn child and witness them embracing the beauty of pregnancy. It melts my heart when parents aww at how adorable their baby looks posed during a session…of course, every single baby I work with is the cutest baby ever. I don’t know how they can keep getting cuter every single session! I’ve seen many babies take their very first steps during a one-year session. I’ve seen the tears of pure joy come down a father’s face as he sees his little princesses’ first pictures at their viewing…that is my why. Family, love and creativity…this is what fuels me to create meaningful portraits!

I hope to create inspiration. I feel that our children are our future and they inspire us to better people every day. Looking at portraits of my own two kids reminds me of the past and present…thinking about how we can constantly do more, give more, and be better people for them. I know my own children inspire me. (Most days, anyway.) Sometimes, they make me wonder why I had kids, but then when they laugh out loud or give me their hug before bedtime it all comes back to how much I love being a mom and love them unconditionally. I want people to look at portraits I’ve created and feel joyful about the future and the hope their new family member brings to them every single day.

I also want to make sure my art spreads joy, as cheesy as that may sound, I long to make art that makes you smile and giggle. Even say, “I can’t believe we dressed you like that, but you look so adorable.” I want to create a fun experience and memory that will be a treasure for you to hold and look at when your children have flown the nest. I long to create images that are more than just a snapshot, but are an expression of your loved one, your soul.

Photo credit to my girl, Kim with Apple of Our Eye Photography - My motherhood society sister!