My Story: I’ve always been an artist.

I’ve always been an artist. I remember getting my first Kodak 110 camera for Christmas when I was just 8 years old. I was so excited and used up my first role of film taking pictures of my sisters and random sets I threw together around the house. I loved Strawberry Shortcake so I’m sure she was in a few of those pictures. Growing up, I loved art, colors, photography and drawing. I was also involved in 4-H growing up in a small rural community and took many visual arts projects including photography to the county fair and Iowa State Fair. When I got to high school, I had a very inspirational art teacher and she encouraged me to follow my creative path. Through 4-H and her encouragement, I got an art scholarship to go to Iowa State University.

After graduating from college, I started a role at the American Cancer Society and got to work on developing their new logo, look, color palette, collateral aka brand. From there, I moved my way into a creative leadership role and loved going every day getting to create, develop and market for a national brand. I got to lead photo art direction, buy props, design sets and see a vision through to print. I loved that process and still do. We got to go to amazing homes and set up products and bring those images to life in retails and online displays.

During that time I found my husband, Tom, and we fell in love and got married. I also had two wonderful children that are just a few years apart. We had the opportunity to move our family to my hubby’s hometown of Dubuque and we leaped at that chance even though I loved my creative position. However, we couldn’t pass that up as it meant being able to raise our kids near family!

When I moved to our great Tri-state community, over 10 years ago now, I found myself looking for a career in a similar field that I had been working. With little opportunity for that type of role in the area at that time, I chose a to work for a local nonprofit doing community relations and marketing. It was a rewarding position, but I found myself wanting, needing a creative outlet, so I decided to start taking pictures of my friends and family to fuel my creative energy. It quickly turned into a photography business that I did while holding a full-time career and raising my kids for several years. Through this process, I found my love of newborn and maternity artistry. Besides my previous creative positions and college art foundation, I began to take lots of classes and mentorships in order to learn more about the art of posing, lighting, workflow and more for newborns and maternity sessions. I was dragging my family all over the country just so I could go mentor with amazing newborn artists and industry leaders. My husband deserves an award for that! Just ask him about the hours he has spent driving in rush hour traffic for one of my photography conferences/workshops.

In 2016, I started doing photography full time. I still do a little marketing/media planning on the side with a great company called Buzz Creative Group because I love the people there, advertising and the creative develop process for brands. However, photography is my main focus and passion. Through lots of practice, one on one mentorships with the best photographers in the world and wonderful partnerships in both the photographer and newborn industry, I’m happy to say that I’m a now a nationally recognized and award-winning newborn and maternity photographer. I’m also the only photography studio in Iowa endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association through the BLM Motherhood Society. Besides seeing my art published in national and local magazines, you can also see our art up at Sprout and Hillcrest-Mercy Maternal Clinic. I love what I do and it is my honor to work with you as your family grows as I want to share my joy of creating art with your family for generations to come.