Guttenberg Couple Welcomes Aboard Baby Boy, Ayden

Amy and Andrew love spending their time on the great Mississippi almost as much as they love their brand new baby boy, Ayden. Andrew spent his life visiting his family’s cabin in Guttenberg, while Amy grew up there on her family’s farm. Now they have little Ayden and can’t wait to show him their love for the water. We included indigo blues and nods to the great river throughout his newborn and family portrait session to help tell their story.

I really enjoyed watching how much they care for their new love. They have the perfect team and both Amy and Andrew pitch in to take care of Ayden with bounds of love. I guess they have the best A Team ever, yes, I said it. I had too.

Anyway, many blessings to this new family and I look forward to being on the journey with you…here is to a time of wonder, hope and possibilities.

Enjoy this sneak peak. To learn more about our baby plans, contact us today.