Welcome Baby Madeline, Dubuque, Iowa Newborn

The Wertz family welcomed, Madeline, to the family just a few days ago. This little beauty was their second child as she has an older brother named Gus. One of the things we talked about during their newborn session was how different each pregnancy and child is right from the start. Little Madeline was born easy going and only cried or fussed when she was hungry. While, Gus had colic and kept them more on their toes when he was baby. So far they had been able to get some decent sleep, which we all know is a luxury to brand new parents!

I had a very similar experience with my two children. My first born was fussy and cried so much, while my second child rarely made a peep. This only lasted while they were babies though…now things have pretty much flip-flopped. It is funny how different each child is from the day they arrive, but no matter how fussy they are, they fill our hearts with so much love!

Love is definitely what the Wertz family shared for each other! I’m really looking forward to watching Madeline grow and wish all of them many blessings…and continued nights of good sleep. Enjoy this little sneak peek into their photo session.