Welcome Baby Jonah, Holy Cross Newborn Photography

Caleb is so proud of his big brother, Jonah! Throughout the session Caleb asked his mom, “What is she doing with Jonah?” He was very concerned since I was posing his little brother for his newborn pictures. It’s hard to believe it was almost three years ago that I did that for Caleb, as well!

Caleb was super excited to have a little brother and he told me couldn’t wait to teach him a bunch of things. He shared with me that he plans to teach Jonah how to use the potty! I’m sure his mom would love that!

Even though Caleb loved Jonah so much, Caleb wasn’t so enthused to be in front of the camera with him. So we got some pictures of Jonah looking all adorable in a bucket and then asked Caleb to take a few pictures of just himself. This is pretty typical for ages 2-3. We often have to take pictures of the newborn and child separately and then stitch them together in Photoshop.

In this case Caleb was just camera shy, but in some cases the big brother or sister may not be quite as excited about their new addition to their family and we do this for safety reasons for the newborn. I just love how the image below turned out! I was able to get a lot more adorable images of them “together”, but you will have to wait to see until after their family’s viewing/ordering session.

Enjoy the following sneak peek below from their session!


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