Madoc is Six Month Old, Dubuque Baby Photographer

Meet five month old Madoc…almost six months! According to, the name Madoc is from the Welsh, meaning"charitable and benevolent." Madoc was the name of a 10th century Welsh prince who, as legend has it, discovered America well before Columbus. Madoc’s parents found his name and both loved the meaning behind it and thought it would be perfect for their sweet baby boy!

With a name like that we had to do a little nod to a viking look. I created this fur vest, made a shield, hand cuffs and fur leg warmers to create this look. I also found the fun hat on amazon. Then we topped it off with a very cool pennant his mom had that represented the tree of life. All perfect for a Welsh prince!

Then we put together a fun nature set, as well as, a Chicago Bears set since Madoc’s dad is a huge fan!
See a little sneak peak below.


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