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Maternity gowns & Accessories

Wartick Photography offers a vast range of designer maternity gowns that you can wear for your session. Gowns range from Xsmall to plus size. We also have floral and rhinestone halos and other fun accessories that you can use along with your gown. Also, included with our collection we have beautiful fabrics to wrap yourself in and short sets too. With dozens of dresses and more coming in all the time, you are sure to find something perfect to show off your baby bump!

Gown Discount
Wartick Photography is a photographer partner with Sew Trendy Accessories and if you wish to purchase your own gown from them, use this link for an exclusive discount. Sew Trendy Accessories 

Cleaning Gowns
To help us keep our designer gowns in top shape, there is a $50 dry cleaning fee for all gowns used outdoors. This helps us keep our gown nice for others to use.

Gown Buy Back Program
If you choose to purchase one of the gowns from our wish list, we may give you credit toward your digital purchase when you turn in the gown after your session. Prices of gowns range from $200-$500 per gown. Gowns must be clean and in good condition to be considered for the buy back program. If the gown is used outside for a session it must be dry cleaned before buying it back. The buy back program is at the sole discretion of the photographer so please consult the photographer to be considered for this program prior to purchase.